Field of Dreams? Nah. MLB & Phillies Front Office Suck.

Update: Ticket Purchase went through. Funds taken from debit card account. Got ticket that wanted. Price a bit high though. Doesn’t really matter etc. Hope Phillies still in ‘Wild Card’ race last game of season.

Decided to see final Phillies 2019 season game vs Fla Marlins cause why not. Tickets online running about $70.00 per. Found one that was decent & close to the action, sorta of, on 1st base line of course. Best baseball seating section. After spending about an hour on official MLB website was denied cause didn’t see/fill out the security 3-digit number on backside of credit/debit card next to signature. Another 45 mins. later, when finally filled out correct/complete info following more multiple attempts, seat gone & available tix are of further up, figures, & more expensive is sorta sucks. Fuck You Phillies Organization & MLB. Maybe this is why Your fanbase is shrinking. How ‘bout Box Office Tix Phone #? Already closed by 7pm on Sunday wkend nite. Nice work if You can get it I guess.


Addendum —

Received this couple of mins ago. Know ticket order didn’t go through.. totally confused ;-) too much beer. Ha! Will check card tomorrow though.

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