Heard ‘em Coming. Opening NFL game day & the Military Jets. Minute or two ago flew over Port Richmond Philadelphia after Eagles Stadium (Lincoln Financial Field) flyover in ‘Souf Philly’. A coupla steps to door/yard & though, unfortunately, didn’t snag iPhone for vid ie would’ve been *awesome* 15-25 second blog/youtube video. Next Year, maube, which say every f*ckin’ year. Started ‘bout 10-12 years ago. Honestly, get sh*t together. Funny, eh?.

Note: was only two Military Jets, usually are 5 or 6 war birds. Don’t know what specific model they were, but were the wide bodied ones w/slanted rear vertical ‘v shaped tail fins’ & 2 square wide jet engines.

Wish Foxtrot Alpha was still a live kinja blog etc.



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